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Weddings are not only expressions of love, they both commemorate and strengthen a couple's future life together. 

As an ordained minister, it is my honor and delight to unite two people in this way. 

Every wedding service I perform is uniquely crafted. Through three preliminary interviews, we will explore who you are, separately and together, and we will jointly create a ceremony that gives voice and life to your relationship.   

As preparation for the ceremony, I encourage every couple to talk through and agree on a covenant for their life together. These commitments or agreements can become a touchstone for your way of being together through the years. I am proud to say, in part as a result, all of my couples are still happily together.  If you choose, your covenant can become the most moving moment of your ceremony.

"Bob Forman led us through a process that would deepen our way of thinking and feeling about the meaning of our vows and our marriage in a decidedly different and deeper way. He invited us to write down the conditions that we both felt were essential to our happiness and success and then to discuss them with each other. What we discovered ultimately became our vows, and our insights guided Bob in shaping the ceremony. He helped us look more deeply into our commitments to each other. Not only did this lead to a beautifully genuine and heartfelt ceremony, but launched us into a wonderful marriage.

-- Barbara Hesser & Peter Jampel, Fleishman, NY

Other Ceremonies

  • Weddings
  • Commitment Ceremonies, Vow Renewal Ceremonies
  • Baby Blessings

  • Funerals/ Memorial Services
  • Closure Rituals (Divorce Rituals, Career Closings)
  • Bereavement Counseling

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