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As the chair of the Forge Institute, my colleagues and I have developed many wonderful programs.  I am most excited about our:

Politics in a New Spirit.

People on both sides of the political spectrum are hungry for a new kind of politics, one that reaches beyond ideology and partisanship and focuses on those values and ideals that we hold in common; a politics that tempers ideology with common sense and empathizes straight talk over spin. The problem is, given the depths of our commitments to our political viewpoints, this is a tall order!

By the end you and everyone involved will:

  • Feel heard and understood.
  • See difficult issues in new and surprising ways.
  • Learn new ways of listening and speaking.
  • Develop toolsets for engaging political topics in new and productive ways.
  • Understand ideology: where does it come from? how does it serve us? How does it push us apart?
  • Understand each others’ viewpoints and discover real value in them.
  • Be prepared to take this kind of conversation into your own world.

Lessons in Becoming Who we Are (Together)

In this workshop, which I've delivered dozens of times in the US, Sweden and Israel, we use our time to learn to listen and be present to self and to other. We make it safe to risk telling the real truth, sharing what we dare not share elsewhere, and learning to drop into the sacred together.

By the end participants feel they have:

  • Revitalize their spiritual lives
  • Developed clearer language and symbols to articulate their spirituality
  • Embodied their our spiritual lives more powerfully
  • Created deep spiritual relationships and spiritual community
  • Strengthened connections between their inner and outer lives
  • Had some fun, spiritual wisdom style. And laughed.

Talks and Other Programs

Dr. Forman has given hundreds of talks, workshops, and presentations around the world on spirituality, mysticism, and developing spiritual relationships.

Contact Dr. Forman to arrange a program or talk in your area.