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Sacred Relationshipscouple

Relationships, where the openness of heaven meets the road of the real.

How can we develop relationships—young and full of possibility or mature and long term—that live up to the openness that is the mark of the mystical?

Sacred Relationship counseling is not designed to heal a broken relationship. For that we recommend traditional marriage counselling.  We undertake Sacred Relationship work to make a good relationship rise to the openness and freedom of the Vastness.

Together we will articulate yearnings, discern deep intentions, and create the patterns that will lead to this.  We will clean up what is still unresolved, and develop patterns to keep the way effortless.   

Together you will develop a unique covenant, yours and yours alone, which articulates your deepest intentions as individuals and in relationship, and explore how to make your life together sing.

I have worked with couples and with small religious and spiritual groups.  It would be my honor to work with you in this way. 

Contact Dr. Forman to schedule a no cost initial 30 minute session to begin to make your relationship truly sacred.