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Meditation is where a life is often touched by grace.

For those who haven’t spent many hours cross legged, it's almost pointless to describe it. Some meditations are active and heartbeatingly fast.  Many are workaday, with your mind going over things and making plans as if you're at your work desk.

And sometimes it is like a tender caress, where increasingly slow, languorous thoughts find their way into a roundness of warmth and softness inside like the kusshh of a down comforter on a tired evening. A gentle softness wafts into your forearms and calves, like a waking sleep, and you become very gentle with yourself... fighting nothing, seeking nothing, allowing your mind to drift and be awake simply for the vague dreamy half seen thoughts and felt sounds.

Every now and again you drift into a space so quiet, so open, that there is just no thinking at all, and you touch the emptiness of grace itself.

With regular practice in dropping, some of its effortlessness comes to infuse your life, little by little, and you slowly make room for a life touched by grace. 

It is a gift I would be privileged to offer.

Contact Dr. Bob to schedule an appointment to learn to meditate. It takes 4 consecutive days, 1 1/2 hours per day, to learn.