Robert K. C. Forman, Ph.D
       Spiritual Counselling for a Life Inspired by Grace


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Spiritual Counseling

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If you want to deepen your life... and find a safe space in which to explore, wonder and discover and not know the answers, then come.

Spiritual counseling is not oriented around pathology, but around your deepest sense of the spirit, of meaning, of being a closet mystic who has been touched by grace.  It is a place to learn to live more deeply.

I call it "therapy for sane people," only half-jokingly. Spiritual counseling doesn't focus on parental scars—though we'll go there when they block our way—but on our deepest places, on our values, and on our next steps.

If you have been awakened to it...and have felt, even dimly, a reality--unremarkable, steady, insistent--behind your life, and yearn to manifest it in the rest of your life, then come.

I won't not have answers for you. But through my own 40 years of meditation, through therapeutic and spiritual journeys, through my two decades of study and university and seminary
teaching about the path, through writing a dozen books and countless articles about the journey, and through founding and leading an organization of spiritual leaders—I've been there. And because I have, I can promise to be a spiritual friend as you find your own answers, your own way. ....

Come, Let us grow together.