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I've worked with thousands of men and women who have had a sense of being called by something greater than themselves. My Ph.D. from Columbia University was in comparative religions, but I've always been more interested in the transformative power of direct experience than any theory.

I've been there:

  • 40 years of daily meditation
  • Design and facilitation of the "SoulJazz" program for spiritual development
  • Working with hundreds of people who are serious about their spiritual lives
  • Lifelong journey, both therapeutic and spiritual
  • Two decades of study and teaching about mystics, closet and "out."
  • Writing a dozen books, including the well received, Enlightenment Ain't What It's                    Cracked Up To Be
  • Founding and leading The Forge Institute, an organization of spiritual leaders.

What moves me is the Vastness.  What I want is to help others create lives that are shaped by the Vast Silence that they have known.        In founding the Forge Guild of Spiritual Teachers Writers and Self Help Professionas," the "Global Spiritual Citizenship Initiative" and the Journal of Consciousness Studies, I've been honored to meet and work with people of such depth.

As a lead professor in The Conscious Leadership Institute in the One Spirit Learning Alliance, I have taught and helped business and non profit leaders discover their depths, and bring their working lives and hearts into deeper alignment with it.

To make room for that which calls us, we must sometimes clear out what has been holding us back: when the din of fear is too loud, we cannot hear the whisper of the spacious. So sometimes our work will be to free ourselves from what hooks us, erasing the tablet, as Meister Eckhart put it, to allow the divine to write in our souls. 

I have done this all my life.  There is nothing I would like more than to help you find the depths in your own.  

Our task is to listen to the whispers of the Spirit that is not us: "Come.  Be true to what is so in you. Live it. Be it.  Abide in deep integrity with what you really are. Come."